Sunday, January 29, 2012

from my point of view!!!

sahir dok belek la art work dri beberapa orng photographer
i mean dari kawan2 sahir sendiri...
well when i take a look at their pic... they can compose a very simple thing to be
very nice.. gojes n meletop
sahir sndiri x bley nak wat mcm tuu.

but when it goes to dev. idea for a concept
sahir x rase diorng mampu develop idea yg bernas.. kadg the concept look very cheap!!
o cut n paste i mean copy cat...

mayb that the reason when we go to the industry creative director is very important
hurm entahla
sahir pon x arif sagt still blaja lag..
4 those yg btol2 berminat harap2 truskan usha utuk cme out then art work
when i said i work it should be good in concept, significant die, dan dari sgale aspek..

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